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Baby Cockroaches

Cockroaches in Mantis descent from the same insect. Therefore they retain some common traits. Circe in the last abdominal segment. they both produce protective casing that shields. The eggs the smooth and flattened body allows them to hide. In any little crevice and invade houses. By walking beneath doors and turning cracks or fissures. They can find they prefer to live in dark places, therefore, they have developed very long. Thin to help them explore their surroundings the hairs. Zurich can detect changes in air currents those the roaches can escape from the enemies. Before they have the chance to attack them. They rarely fly and when they do it is not furlong distances. The process of producing the egg pot or radical lasts for almost24 hours. When it is ready to drop it the insect digs a burrow where to hide. If you after one month in a warm climate the buildings emerge. It will take them about nine months to become adults and they may live for a couple of years. Hey guys Jeff the need you got here at Zoo Montana and you know there's been so much talk about baby otters. Here at the zoo but guess what we've had other babies huh Baby cockroaches and this is not one of them.  We're going to show you them right now look at how cute these little things. I uh I know cute cockroaches they don't usually go together. But kind of neat but I wanted to show you these babies because. How they were born cool the way Madagascar hissing cockroaches give birth to get.

This the mom has an egg sac inside of her body that egg sac stays inside of her body. Forgiveness upwards of two months which is long for insects. Now on top of that once that egg sac is in there and things are ready to let loose. Those babies are born inside of mom's body and then exit out of her body. Alive not in the egg sac and she can have up to 60babies at one time. That's why there are so many of them running around here right. Now what a weird way to give birth. Now I always mess this word up but it's called oh vat Bharuch's parents see. I can't even say it look it up it's pretty amazing basically. What it means is these babies are born inside the body in an egg. Then are of course exited out alive some snakes do that fish all the Rays. By the way, guys this entire unit took less than an hour to make. Use two simple products from our shop at. I Facebook live-streaming click this. I card here to watch the Facebook live stream or click the link. I’ll put it in the description box. Now fire ants wouldn't be fire ants. if they weren't breaking the rules, as you can see here. These girls are completely tunneling through. the hardening ground plate and creating their tunnels. I’m sure it won't be long before this entire unit will have tunnels that these ants have made. It’s as if the cavern I gave them simply wasn't enough.

Look at their progress in just 24 hours! Now I know some of you guys might be asking, why I see tape down There I place tape here just for that extra insurance. Because fire ants can chew through most adhesives, they chew through glue, silicone, and a hot glue gun. So if you're paranoid like me, you place tape in all places where the acrylic meets another acrylic. Okay, I can already hear you guys and a lot. You are saying it's already five minutes and 30 seconds into the video. I’m going to see cockroaches being eaten and the epic gross ending. Okay, but before I get to that let me say a few things. First, it's always a good idea to pre-kill your insects this ensures. That your ants don't get injured while they're eating their prey. But also for those of you with less aggressive species, it helps the ants out. So if their prey insects are already dead many ant species are more. Specialized in Scavenging and feeding on other creatures. That is already dead many ants are important decomposers more so than they. Predators Okay, but these fire ants are indeed predators. They are super aggressive and are fully capable of taking down prey many times their size. By the way, guys if dealing with fire ants highly suggest. You wear gloves when working around them because of their stings. Hurt and can cause swollen itchy bumps which last week’s Fire ants use. Their powerful stings and sharp jaws subdue their prey and are ready to attack any time.

Baby Cockroaches

They're particularly aggressive when confronting creatures on their property and finally. I'd like to make one thing clear find fire ants demand a great amount of respect. I'm not going to be you tuber who's going to sensationalize their predatory instincts. So my hope for this video is that all of you guys. Watching will gain some kind of insight into the intricacies of their predatory. Behavior in other words Education guys, not entertainment. So here we go feeding fire nation live insects okay. So let's start now with Baby Cockroach. It only takes a few seconds before a few workers subdue. It stings it and paralyzes him fire ants. Has a toxin called Solenoids Neurotoxin which they inject using a very sharp stinger? This baby cockroach had no chance at all. What it can do now is Breathe as it becomes more. More paralyzed other ants swarm in and begin cutting it up for consumption. It’ll likely take these ends just a few hours for this baby cockroach processed. Okay, now it's time to feed a slightly larger cockroach named. Instantly the cockroach begins to make a run. It as it runs about the fire ants cling on and begin stinging it vigorously. Excruciating pain the cockroach continues to run and struggle. But in the end, it's no use.

This thing's eventually subdued the cockroach and paralyze it as well. It seems like a lot more ants on the surface were agitated by cockroaches. Probably because of the size and the commotion it was causing Speaking of a commotion it seems. We have a special guest making an appearance just to check out. What everyone's raving about on the surface Do you see her over there? It’s a virgin queen elate born from the original queen. That's just waiting around now for nuptial flight Reproductive ends like. This queen as well as males are born at a certain period of the Colony's development. And they pretty much wait around the nest until the great nuptial flight. Where they breed and start colonies of their Looks like. She's not too interested in this cockroach, for now, so she heads back to inspect the. Nest these worker ants will continue to work on this cockroach for the next 10 hours. So and The Majors which are the larger ends will be the ones to help cut it up Just. Because its exoskeleton is a little tougher and these majors have huge heads. Full of muscle specializing in cutting, and finally. I'm going to feed an adult cockroach to this very hungry and aggressive ant colony. Now You must remember that this adult cockroach is many times larger than the ants Instantly.

Out there like stingrays, they do that as well pretty amazing now of course. I've talked about these cockroaches. Before but Madagascar hissing cockroaches. They are one of the only 99% of cockroach species out. There that are not invasive meaning. They’re not a nuisance to people only 1% of all cockroach species are considered to be a nuisance. Against people meaning they get in your house, there are 3,500 species of cockroaches. Right here in the United States and only three of those if you can imagine. That is considered a nuisance to the German cockroach the oriental cockroach. Sometimes the wood cockroach or the American cockroach are considered to be. That as well most of the other ones like Madagascar. They are living out in nature away from people doing what they do best. That's eating a lot of that decaying material get this a colony of this right next to me. Here they can devour an entire carrot in just one day that’s. How fast these guys can eat pretty cool now last but not least. I did want to mention what would I've got it in my hand. Here this is a mold of a cockroach they molt or shed just like a snake does. When they're growing up a young cockroach can molt usually once a month. They grow out of that exoskeleton that's kind of a cool thing to see but guys. You'll know me. I’ll probably the next time. I see you out and about have one of these cockroaches with me again her pepper a for the Baby Cockroach. Madagascar cockroach’s next time guys I'm Jeff nature got here at Zoo Montana.

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