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Baby Bed Bugs

Hi, it's Aly here from bug bully pest control. I'm going to show you an example of some bedbug activity. And I'll show you the difference between a baby or a nymph baby bed bug and an adult. So if you look here there’s one walking if I can find it. I'm going to show you how small it is right there so you see that right there. That is a baby bed bug or a nymph bedbug and it looks like it hasn't had a blood meal. Yet so that's why they're very hard to see so those are the ones that are the biggest issue for the adults. You can see pretty easily but these are the ones that are a pain I can barely see that. If we come back so I can focus you can barely see that especially. If it was hiding in the cloth here they're very hard to see and these are the ones that people. Baby Bed Bugs. Mr. an inspection and people have bites and they wonder where they’re coming from and a lot of times. If it’s not the adult that you can see then it’s these guys so you can still see him here moving around.

He's it should be in focus I just crawling around and then these are some more evidence of bedbugs. Here and I'll show you an adult actually down in the climb-up trap I caught one down there. So that's the size difference that’s an adult you can tell how it has the blood meal. Baby Bed Bugs. So it's filled up with blood in the back and has that color to it so that is an adult. That's the difference so they're pretty easy to see there might be yeah. So those are a lot easier to see especially here if this was wasn't a dark color. It would be a lot harder and there's some more like baby ones up here hiding like right in this. Where my finger is right there and if this wasn't a dark color it was like a white. It'll be a lot harder to see the baby and they would still bite you and you wouldn't know. You had bedbugs and they would still bite so there’s another one baby one moving right there. And he's going back in the cloth well there's another example of a smaller one that is harder to see.

It’s easy to see here because it's a dark color but if it was light it'd be a lot harder. And so one there's some more evidence so one good way to kind of eliminate just this issue right. Here is to put a bedbug cover on this or mattress cover that zips up so if you take a cover that zips. And put it on here then it pretty much eliminates this as a source for them to hide or these bugs. Baby Bed Bugs. Here won't be able to come out if you put a cover there's another one moving right there but if you put a cover on this. That zips up they can’t get out and they will die inside the cover so you can see how small. That is I don’t even see the movement but it’s tiny it's like hiding right my fingers. But if you put a cover on here that zips up they won't be able to come out into a guy.

Right inside so that will eliminate this as a hiding area that won't peel to hide in here. Any more and it'll kill what’s in here still get a mattress cover or actually a box spring. It's the same thing mattress and box man covers the same thing. So you just cover the mattress cover the box spring and then I would treat the perimeter. And the bed frame so here you go again he’s moving right into my finger it's a little one. And if I come all the way back you can see how hard it would be to find that it’s. Baby Bed Bugs. So small it's not really focused there you go but yeah that's just uh showing you. Some evidence of bedbugs and where they like to hide so it's Mike here from bug bully pest control. Based in Massachusetts locally owned and operated in Massachusetts.

Baby Bed Bugs

Are Baby Red Bugs Black?

Hello and welcome to this presentation of baby bedbugs also called names. And bedbug nests here we're looking at a bed which is an Ikea bed and this is the headboard. And if we look on the side of the mattress along with the piping and that ‘son. On the underside of the piping, we find a baby bedbug and they are nearby some black dots on that piping as well. Are baby red bugs black? To an experienced eye, these black dots are proof enough. That there are or have been bedbugs that nested in this bed this is the bottom of the mattress. The mattress has been placed upside down and towards the bottom and edge. Here along with the piping, you see lots of black markings and also some bloodstains. Which have darkened over time and now we are looking at the wooden planks and the gaps at the edge of those planks. That where bed bugs tick great comfort well the nest there because it is very sturdy surface. And those gaps are really sturdy nothing happens to them there. What are the tell-tale signs of bedbugs black faces black dots black marking?

Whatever you in a column that’s what tells you that bedbugs have been around secondly. It'll be the bloodstains that are larger in size and they could be somewhat reddish. In the color at the beginning here we see one bloodstain and a few black markings one cc alone violets in liquid. The form gets absorbed into the fabric and bursts into the fiber and looks like that. Are baby red bugs black? We have placed the mattress vertically to inspect it around its piping for somebody. With years of experience, even one black marking like that would be sufficient. To indicate bedbugs presence but we keep looking and here we find a baby bedbug. Which is hiding in the depression of the stitching around the piping and even. When we try to nudge it with a finger it makes a contact and it moves then.

It just pretends not to be there subsequent attempts at nudging it are not that successful. Are baby red bugs black? That tells you something about depression and the nature of it that's why bedbugs like to hide in it. Some more extra meds here you see the frame on which the mattress sits so we have piled up on side of the planks. And we are inspecting the planks these are made of natural wood they are not stained and bedbugs. Feel very comfortable we see that the baby bedbug maybe it has had one or two moldings. So it's not even halfway in its size but this one is quite full of blood and these are the gaps. Between the planks where we look and here you see some black markings on the metal here which inspect the holds. But we see diatomaceous earth used by the client and we look all around the edges of these planks. Particularly in the holes to see if there are any bedbugs live ones and after we put these planks onto the floor. For treatment, we find more black markings we see a baby bear moving all in all. This was a very well-established infestation lots of black marking here and there. Indicating where bedbugs usually nest and spend most of their time

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